The Significance of Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Services

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A completed building is a great deal more than just what meets the eye. Beyond the walls and flooring finishes, the building’s safety and structural performance heavily rely on appropriate positioning and installation of a variety of construction materials during the construction schedule. Long-term building performance is a driving element for property value and returns on an operator’s investment. Construction Materials Testing additionally plays a necessary role in keeping your job on schedule, within budget, as well as secure. Without building materials testing and monitoring, the owner, contractors, and engineers can’t have confidence that the quality of the building meets the project requirements.

A structure’s success first begins with the base support substance. Prior to breaking ground on brand new development, RMG — Rocky Mountain Group supplies Geotechnical Subsurface Soil Investigations to explore the suitability and state of a certain site. During the quest, subsurface materials are tested for their strength, swell, and settlement properties. Site-specific recommendations are given to mitigate dangers the website may present to your job. This due diligence support lets you know about possible risks with creating the website, which means you can budget for possible construction issues, and plan for a successful project.

Once the ground has been broken in your project, RMG Construction Materials Testing technicians detect the site conditions when compared with the soils report, to pro-actively apprise the owner of possible known/unknown dangers that may later result in construction difficulty or delay. Our construction materials technicians were directly coordinate with our in-house Geotechnical Engineering team to offer technology solutions for construction/design problems that may arise. Our CMT technicians require a unique variety of knowledge and skill to understand the application of a wide selection of construction materials. In-depth experience in building material possessions, construction procedures, geotechnical engineering, geology, physics, chemistry, and math is necessary to effectively diagnose problems and challenges that may arise during construction and to determine potential solutions within the field. Timely service and verbal communication skills are essential to efficiently communicate our findings so the owner/design staff can make decisions accordingly.

Through the earthwork activities, RMG actively performs soil density and moisture testing to verify the appropriate choice of material, proper positioning, and adequate compaction. Undocumented, untested soil material has considerable risk of future motion that might result in cracking or worse in foundations, pavements, floors, and walls. Structure serviceability and structural cracking issues can significantly reduce real estate value, and therefore are expensive and difficult to mend correctly.

Diligent materials testing will help to avoid future expensive remedial work and repair. By pro-actively revealing issues concerning construction quality early in the project, it helps the design team to make educated decisions for the remainder of the project schedule. RMG — Rocky Mountain Group supplies materials testing throughout the project on a wide array of media such as soil subgrade, structural fill, utility trench bedding and backfill, reinforced concrete, concrete masonry unit (CMU) block construction, grout, mortar, and structural steel, and asphaltic concrete pavement.

RMG — Rocky Mountain Group provides full-service materials testing for commercial, industrial, municipal, residential, and government jobs in the following typical roles:

As an Owner’s agent:

Inspection observations and test results are reported on the owner/design team to verify conformance with all the project specifications and plans. As an operator’s agent, these observations are also utilized to document pay item amounts and daily activities (i.e. equipment used, materials set, tasks are done, etc.) so that the owner could be completely aware of building progress without being on-site. You can also check out cbr testing

RMG — Rocky Mountain Group provides third-party code compliance testing observations for builders and contractors necessary to meet certain specifications when functioning within a regulatory jurisdiction. Accepted on behalf of municipalities, construction departments, and other regulatory authorities, our CMT service reports are depended on by the regulating agency to verify conformance with pertinent material and building specifications.

As an International Building Code (IBC) Special Inspector:

RMG — Rocky Mountain Group supplies International Building Code (IBC) Special Inspection solutions to ensure critical structural items are in accord with the project plans and specifications. Your RMG Special Inspector identifies and documents non-conformance items so the design team and contractor may work together to find a remedy to fix the deficiencies. Special Inspections are needed by the IBC to confirm that the building satisfies requirements before people occupancy.

Contact RMG — Rocky Mountain Group now to find out more about how our Construction Materials Testing (CMT) solutions can help you ensure a successful build.

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